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IMMOFINANZ: a time capsule for Nimbus, numerous images and four signatures

21.05.2013 | Poland

Last week the cornerstone was laid for the IMMOFINANZ office building Nimbus in Warsaw. More than 80 guests accepted the invitation to Jerozolimskie Avenue 98.

The foundation document was signed by IMMOFINANZ CEO Eduard Zehetner, investor, Franz Scheibenecker, managing director of Porr Bau, architect Marek Tryzybowicz, and priest Henryk Bartuszek, who gave the blessing.

For all those who aren't building experts (it was also a debut for me): what happens when a foundation stone is laid?

This is a ceremony to dedicate the foundation stone for a new building. Embedded within it is a so-called "time capsule", which, in addition to the aforementioned document, contains items from the time - at Nimbus these were two dailies from 16 May 2013 as well as numerous coins. Then the foundation stones are generally embedded into the foundation area.

And what does the foundation document say?

We, the undersigned state hereby that the Foundation Act for NIMBUS office building was signed and laid, and that its construction site was blessed on Thursday 16 May 2013 in Warsaw.
NIMBUS, standing out for its modern shape, state-of-the-art technologies and functional space, will be built in accordance with sustainable development standards, which reflects the investor's commitment to the protection of the natural environment.
NIMBUS is developed by IMMOFINANZ Group, designed by Bose International Planning and Architecture and build by Porr Polska as the general contractor for the project.
We hope that NIMBUS will be an important feature enhancing growth of the new business district that has emerged in the area of Jerozolimskie Avenue.

The laying of the Foundation Act is confirmed by the undersigned:
Dr. Eduard Zehetner, CEO IMMOFINANZ
Dr. Franz Scheibenecker, Managing Director Porr Bau GmbH
Marek Tryzybowicz, Principal Architect Bose International Planning and Architecture
Ksiądz prałat Henryk Bartuszek

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