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IMMOFINANZ Easter bunnies are on the way

29.03.2013 | Austria

The temperatures are more suggestive of Christmas than Easter, but that hasn't slowed our team of promoters down from setting off for the IMMOFINANZ office buildings to surprise our tenants and their employees with a wintry Easter greeting in the last few days.

The IMMOFINANZ-design chocolate bunnies were very well-received and demonstrated once more how important regular contact is to our clients.

"Distributing the IMMOFINANZ Easter bunnies was a great opportunity for me to surprise our tenants and chat about their preferences and suggestions in an easy-going atmosphere. As the office employees are mostly in contact with building management, it was especially important to be present as IMMOFINANZ", said Tobias Spörk, asset manager for office properties in Austria.

"It's often the small gestures and attempts at thoughtfulness that give people the feeling they're in good hands. Together with the commitment of our asset managers, that definitely makes us the most attractive provider of office properties on the Austrian market", Spörk added.

Because we view the Easter greeting as a first step in the direction of added services and increased tenant contact, there will be more frequent small seasonal gestures to follow. But I'm not going to reveal what's planned for the summer season at this point :-)

We're already looking forward to it, though, and have come away with some positive impressions of handing out the bunnies in 2013. By the way, the remaining bunnies will be donated to a good cause.

With this in mind we would like to wish you a Happy Easter on behalf of the entire IMMOFINANZ team!

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