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Panta Rhei: update on the construction site

25.03.2013 | Germany

Spring has yet to win the upper hand, and in a couple of regions this year the winter has been unusually hard. Hence a short update from the construction site of the Panta Rhei our office building at the Düsseldorf International Airport

Panta Rhei: works on the fourth-floor shell are currently underway

"About six months have passed since the start of construction, and now it's possible to get a good impression of the structure's special design. Works are currently underway on the shell for the fourth floor – all total Panta Rhei will have seven floors", Project Manager Resul Kilic reports.

The piping of the concrete core activation in the ceiling above the third floor is in the process of being laid. In the next few days the concrete works will be done, then the formwork and reinforcement for the supports in the fourth floor will follow.

"The next milestone is the assembly of the facade elements, which our subcontractor is prefabricating and will deliver to the construction site and assemble in mid-April".

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