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The 3rd Clusterhaus opens in Bratislava - Startups can apply for an office at newly opening 10,000 m² tech center

11.07.2013 | Slovakia

The IMMOFINANZ Group continues to support the Clusterhaus tech hubs. One year after the opening of the first Clusterhaus in Cologne, the third Clusterhaus opens its doors on over 10,000 m² in Bratislava – a building owned by the Austrian real estate group IMMOFINANZ.

Just like in the Cologne and Vienna tech hubs, startups in Bratislava now have access to 15 floors of do-it-yourself office spaces at affordable prices and flexible rental leases where they can pursue innovative ideas with likeminded tech co-residents. The idea at the heart of Clusterhaus is simple: enable know how transfers in vertically integrated industries – in this case – targeted at startups & founders of digital & innovative companies that go through the same phases of growth, hurdles, challenges and can do so together under one roof, benefiting from informal information exchanges or relevant events & networking opportunities.

The concept of “Proworking” was coined by Clusterhaus as a way to identify their niche for supporting young companies in their real estate hunt. This proworking spaces combine the network effects of co-working spaces with the independence and privacy of your own office.
The choice for the next Clusterhaus fell on Bratislava, in an overall effort to combine the startup scenes of both European capital cities – sharing talent, know-how and resources between Vienna and Bratislava. The Clusterhaus in Vienna is only 45 minutes away yet wages and living costs are significantly lower in Bratislava presenting enormous collaboration potential between the hubs. On one hand, it presents an opportunity for Austrian startups to outsource some of their talent and activities to the more affordable and neighboring Clusterhaus, and on the other hand it will enable Slovakian startups to bridge the gap of internationalization into Austria and Western Europe.

Clusterhaus and the IMMOFINANZ Group can look back at a successful first year. Clusterhaus Cologne, which boasts 6,400m² of office space reports a 90% occupancy rate with over 80 startups already having moved in. They include companies such as, Online Stammtisch Deutschland, the organizers of the European Pirate Summit, quintly and Reputami which joined the hub:raum accelerator earlier this year. The launch of Online Marketing Friday – a monthly event series where Internet experts share their knowledge and expertise has also seen growing success at Clusterhaus Cologne (

The Vienna Clusterhaus can also draw successful interim results: More than 80 percent of the 1,200 m² are occupied. Among them are startups like, All About Apps, Runtastic and startup incubator Alps Ventures. The event formats at the Vienna Clusterhaus are currently focusing on technological aspects, hosting Javascript and Ruby on Rails meet-ups as well as Drupal workshops run by mentors.

Dietmar Reindl (Director, Office for the IMMOFINANZ Group): "With our cooperation with the Clusterhaus, not only do we want to support young innovative companies, but we also want to retain them as a long term customer. The Clusterhaus is a successful initiative that not only helps us to get in contact with these customers, but also proves that we pick up on new trends in the real estate sector successfully."

Sotero Rodriguez (Head of Clusterhaus Campus Vienna): "We are delighted to open the third Clusterhaus in Europe within a year. Our goal now is to continue growing geographically while utilizing the synergetic effects created from the existing hubs to nurture our very own European Clusterhaus ecosystem.”

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